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MFF0081: Polling my audience

Hello, and welcome to Medical Fun Facts, it’s episode 81 and I’m taking a poll.
It’s Monday 28 August and as this show drops I’m in a teleconference for work. It’s one of the great things about podcasting, I can record a show the weekend before and schedule it to come out in iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube every Monday evening at 7 pm Canberra time.

This week’s show is a little different and little shorter, not that these shows are terribly long. I like to keep them to around the 5 minute mark so I can get across a few facts and maybe one or two fun lines without wasting anyone’s time.

Some browsers do not rendered the embedded YouTube video. Here is the link

Since I started Medical Fun Facts in 2016, I’ve been gratified by the people in real life who have mentioned they have listened to a show or two. I know I have a few loyal subscribers and when I look at the analytics, I know there is a small core of people who at least visit the blog and spend a minute or two reading what is written. I know there are people who have subscribed and listen to the podcast via iTunes and Stitcher, but I really have no idea of the exact numbers.

The numbers for YouTube are much lower. For some videos, I’m the only person who watches. That’s okay though. I persist with YouTube, not because it’s my focus but because I find editing easier when I’m doing it with video.

You see, before I started video recording the podcast, I was using a USB microphone (a Blue Yeti) and editing each show in a program named GarageBand® in my MacBook. I have very little knowledge about sound and audio so my editing has been based on what I could learn from YouTube videos. When I moved to video recording, I used a Sony mirrorless camera with a microphone attached and then I edit the video in a program named Final Cut Pro X®. I find the audio from that to be easier and cleaner to edit than when I’m using a dedicated audio program. It’s odd I know. Anyway, in Final Cut Pro X I can export audio and video as well as audio only. I do both and upload a show to YouTube as well as the podcast through the blog which has an RSS feed into iTunes and Stitcher.

What I’ve also noticed since starting the podcast/blog/YouTube channel is that I get very little engagement via the blog comments section and any social media I push the show out to including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

I think part of the problem is because the blog is hosted on Squarespace®. As a website platform it’s great and easy to use. As a blogging platform, it’s not as flexible as WordPress. The native comment capability isn’t that easy so that’s why I use a third party comment provider, viz., Disqus®. There are some hoops to jump through to write a comment, but the one thing it does well is virtually eliminate spam.

So I’m wondering, what next? I still enjoy what I do, so it’s not like I’m unhappy and am going to stop. I would, however, like to get some feedback on what I can do to improve engagement. So I’m polling my audience (hmm that sounds a bit rude).

  • Do you have any suggestions for me to improve engagement?
  • Are you happy with things as they are?
  • Does anything I do really annoy you?

I’ll be back to going through the alphabet next week in episode 82, it’ll be something starting with the letter G. The last time I did something on the letter G it was on Ghon, as in Anton Ghon back in episode 21. Feel free to check it out.

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